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Our Curriculum

Please note that further details about our curriculum can be found in the 'Class Pages' section of our website. Follow the link above.

The National Curriculum details the content of state education from 5 - 16 years. It stipulates targets in each area of the curriculum about what children should know, understand and be able to do. It is presented under the following subject headings:

English, Geography, Mathematics, Art & Design Science, Music, Design & Technology,       Physical Education, History, Information & Communication Technology.

Children also study Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education. This includes Sex and Relationships Education.

We teach the children for 22 hours 30 minutes per week in Key Stage 1, and 23 hours 45 minutes per week in Key Stage 2. These timing are in accordance with the DfES recommendations. Time is also allowed for collective worship, registration and breaks.

The total amount of time given to each subject area takes into account National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies.  We are determined to ensure that we spend sufficient time enabling every child to master the basic skills.

Subjects are organised as units of work. Many are linked together to provide purposeful activities and projects for the children to engage with.  At Bitterne Manor Primary School we use different themes/topics to making learning for our children more interesting.  A link to our long term curriculum map is below.