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Bitterne Manor Primary School

Bitterne Manor

Primary School

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Our Values

"Learning to be the best we can"


We want our children to learn to be the best they can be. We want them to use their ‘Heads, Hearts and Hands’ when they are learning. These are our core learning values:




(Hands on, using tools for support, resourcefulness)


(team work, engaged on task, collaborating)


(Making and doing, building things, working to an end product) 


(Respect, celebrating, sense of achievement, self-worth)


(Trying, being brave, persisting)


(Want to learn, aspiration, inspiration)  


(Explain, justify, knowing next steps)


( Applying skills, making links, decision making)


( Question, solve problems, take risks)


We aim to:

  • Provide equal opportunities for all pupils.
  • Provide teaching and learning of the highest quality.
  • Differentiate learning to take account of the needs of each individual.
  • Support pupils’ physical, mental, social, moral, spiritual and cultural needs.
  • Keep all pupils safe from physical and emotional harm.
  • Provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that prepares pupils for modern life.
  • Enrich pupils’ learning through visits and experiences.
  • Embrace the community and make parents part of the school’s success.
  • Create a friendly, happy atmosphere where good behaviour is the norm and attitudes to learning are positive. 
  • Achieve the best outcomes for all.