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School Performance Data

On this page you will find details of our current School Improvement Priorities and the outcomes of the most recent national assessments.


Please note that all data refers to outcomes in 2019 until a new data release is available.

This year these are some of the key areas we will be working on:
  • We aim for teaching and learning in our school to be 100% good or better so that everyone achieves their full potential.
  • Provide incisive feedback to pupils which is used effectively to impact on progress.
  • Ensure opportunities for all pupils to work at a greater depth standard across the curriculum.
  • Continue to narrow the gap for vulnerable groups of pupils
  • Explore partnerships and links beyond our own school
  • Continue to develop our 'Learning Values'

School Improvement Priorities

Early Years Foundation Stage Outcomes

Our results in the Early Years Foundation Stage last year were just below the national average (71.8%) for pupils at a 'Good Level of Development'. The average points achieved by the cohort was also below the national average (34.6).

Pupils at a Good Level of Development: 70%

Pupil Average Points: 31.8

Phonics Outcomes

The percentage of pupils meeting the standard in 2019 was slightly below the national average. 

Pupils attaining the expected standard in year 1: 81%

Average score: 34.0

KS1 Outcomes in  2019

The performance of our Year 2 pupils in 2019 was above the national and Southampton average in Reading, Writing and Maths at the expected standard (EXS) and at the greater depth standard (GDS) in Reading and Writing but not in Maths.

Pupils working at expected (EXS):

Reading 77%

Writing 73%

Maths 77%

Pupils working at greater depth (GDS):

Reading 27%

Writing 23%

Maths 17%

KS2 Outcomes in 2019

Our Year 6 pupils performed well in their SATs in 2019. They achieved a higher result than national with our pupils achieving 83% at the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths combined. 

Pupils working at expected standard:

Reading: 87%

Writing: 87%

Maths: 90%

Combined: 83%

Pupils working at the higher standard:

Reading: 57%

Writing: 27%

Maths: 47%

Combined: 20%

Average Points per pupil: 108.5 (Maths & Reading tests)