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Curriculum Intent


At Bitterne Manor Primary School, our Science curriculum is designed to excite, engage and enthuse children about Science. We aim to foster and encourage a curious mind with a life long enthusiasm for Science. We aim to provide children with ample opportunity to acquire a deep substantive and disciplinary knowledge to enable them to think about Science critically. In each year group, children will be provided with opportunities to learn how to work scientifically and to apply this to a range of scientific enquiries. Throughout their time at Bitterne Manor Primary School, all children will be provided with the opportunity to experience a varied curriculum which covers all aspects of the National Curriculum from Early Years to KS2.

Curriculum Implementation

Science lessons are carefully crafted to allow progression of substantive and disciplinary knowledge alongside each other. Science lessons are carefully planned to include a wide, rich vocabulary for all concepts. A clear learning journey is set out to embed the Scientific Enquiry process, meaning that children in all year groups have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge needed to plan, do, review and reflect upon an enquiry. The skills for scientific enquiry are built upon in each year group to allow and show clear progression. Teachers use assessment at each part of the learning journey to assess children’s understanding and to address misconceptions.

Curriculum Impact

Progress at Bitterne Manor Primary School is measured by a child’s ability to carefully articulate their understanding of scientific concepts and findings from scientific enquiries. Key questions which are built into lessons provide teachers with an instant overview of how much the children understand. The use of reflection bubbles in books also provide written evidence of this. The A2B format used for Science learning journeys raises the profile of Scientific Enquiry across all key stages within our school. This will equip our children with the skills needed to succeed in Science when they go to Secondary School and to foster a lifelong curiosity about the subject.

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