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Year 6

The Year 6 music programme follows 6 units that all have a cross curricular link to enable application of skills across the entire curriculum. Below is a break down of the units that children will look at each term within their music lessons.


Autumn Term

World Unite - Get into the groove by exploring rhythm and melody in singing, movement and dance. The children learn about beat, syncopation, pitch and harmony, and take a trip around the world to celebrate the universal language of music.


Journeys - The theme of challenging journeys in life resonates through this selection of songs with thoughts of change and transition, and binds them in an optimistic and uplifting song cycle performance.




Spring Term

Growth - The street’ is the setting for this unit of buskers and flash mobs. The children explore Ravel’s Bolero through rhythmical mine, learn songs with instrumental accompaniments, and create a dance to build into a thrilling street performance.


Roots - A complete musical performance about the effects of the slave trade on a West African village. The integrated music features traditional Ghanaian songs and percussion rhythms, and the infamous spiderman Anansi, who saves the day.




Summer Term

Class Awards - An ideal opportunity to celebrate the children’s achievements at the end of primary school with a musical awards show customised for your class. Individual awards are presented along with fanfare, rap, song and famous music in a final grand ceremony.


Moving On - Two songs, one looking back, one looking forward, and a musical device for linking them provide a moving celebration of the children’s happy memories and their hopes for the future.