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Year 4

Autumn - Invasion.


This unit will be broken into three Computing topics; Coding, Online Safety and Spreadsheets. 


In this topic the children will be looking at; Coding, Online Safety and Spreadsheets. 


The coding lessons in these units are structured around the PRIMM approach. The whole approach may take place during a lesson or series of lessons. Predict… what this code will do Run… the code to check your prediction Investigate… trace thought the code to see if you were correct Modify... the code to add detail, change actions/outcome Make… a new program that uses the same ideas in a different way. Get creative!


The online safety units within the Computing Scheme of Work provide in-depth coverage of computing related online safety aspects. It is also beneficial to cover aspects of online safety within whole school and PSHE contexts.


The spreadsheet lessons show a progression of knowledge and skills from lesson to lesson and year to year


Spring - Misty Mountain, Winding river.


This topic has three journeys, these are; Writing for different audiences, Logo and Animation. 


In this unit, children learn that technology can be used to organise, reorganise, develop, and explore ideas, and that working with information in this way can aid understanding. It also gives children opportunities to discuss their experiences of using ICT and how it is used in the wider world.


In this unit they will:

• Learn common commands and constructs of the Logo programming language.

• Develop their ability to compose algorithms for drawing mathematical structures and turn these into Logo code.


Animation will provide the children with the knowledge and understanding to create simple and more complex animations using 2Animate on Purple Mash.


Summer - Ancient Civilisations. 


The three topics for the summer are as follows; Effective Searching, Hardware Investigators and Making Music. 


This unit builds upon the skills and knowledge developed in Year 2 in Unit 2.5 – Effective Searching. The lesson makes use of the Google search engine but could be adapted to be used with an alternative.


Children will be given different opportunities including; Creating a leaflet Identifying computer parts, understanding there functions and the different names for the parts. 


The lessons encourage children to discuss and experiment with the main elements of a piece of music and allows them to compose themselves.