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Things for you to do at home

All About Me Box

We would love it if you and your child could make a box all about them, ready to bring in and share with some of the class in September.  This will help us get to know them a bit better.

They can use a shoe box, cardboard box, washing tablet box or anything else that you might have.  This can be decorated if they wish.

Inside the box you and your child can put 5 or 6 items that tell us something about them and that they feel confident to talk about (but please nothing precious). 


Here are some ideas-

  • Photos of family
  • Photos of pets
  • Something from their favourite place (e.g. a leaflet, map, shell or stone etc)
  • Something to represent their favourite toy or game (e.g. a colouring pencil, a piece of Lego, small pot of playdough, a picture from a catalogue)
  • A drawing of their family
  • A piece of paper where they have written their name






Some pre schools have said parents have asked about how we teach handwriting.  We teach print rather than cursive.  We also do not teach leads in or out in Year R.  Below is an example.  We also make sure children know what the capital of each letter looks like, but we make them aware that they only use capitals at the beginning of a sentence or as the first letter in a name (including places).