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At Bitterne Manor we expect all our pupils to behave well and set a good example to others in and around school. Our policy promotes good  behaviour and is backed up with a positive reward system. We also have a clear set of sanctions when behaviour is unacceptable. Our school agreement is clearly displayed around the school.

In our school...

We do the best we can.

We are ready to learn.

We look after eachother and

our environment.

We are friendly, polite

and work together.

We have fun and stay safe.

A range of rewards is in place to encourage pupils to do their best! These include:


  • Excellent work charts for pupils to earn bronze, silver and gold awards for excellent work. Children can also progress onto the Governors Award and, if successful, get their name on the board in the hall for all time!
  • Golden book assembly. Each week children will be chosen from each class to receive a golden award. Parents will be invited to see their child getting this award in a special assembly held every Friday afternoon.
  • Team points. Every child is a member of one of four teams – Victory, Challengers, Freedom or Stars. They earn points for their teams through good behaviour in class and around school. House captains collect points and the winning team’s flag is flown above the school.
  • Attendance Award. Pupils who manage 100% attendance are given a certificate in assembly at the end of each term. Classes with the best attendance are rewarded with an extra break and their names are engraved on a special trophy they get to keep for the week. They also get to keep ‘SAM’ the dog for the week.
  • Lunchtime award. Good behaviour at lunchtime is recognised by the lunchtime supervisors and, alongside individual stickers, the best class is chosen each week to get the chance to go in first for lunch.

These are a few but not all of our rewards and teachers will find plenty more ways to reward children’s positive behaviour in school!

Where behaviour falls below our expectations, we follow a system of warnings where pupils are reminded about good behaviour and given every opportunity to put things right. If these warnings are not heeded then children will be sent to a senior teacher and parents will be informed as appropriate. Where there has been unacceptable behavior like fighting, pupils may be given a severe clause and sent to the Headteacher. Parents will receive a letter detailing the incident and pupils may have a lunchtime or breaktime detention.