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Autumn Topic

Welcome to our topic for the Autumn term...







Topic Summary


Throughout the 'Childhood' topic, children will learn about every life and families today and compare it to childhood in the 1950s. This is a history based topic which incorporates the use of different artefacts as well as a range of sources. We will be looking at historical language as well as how things change over time including life stages and wider society.




Reading and Writing Journey


Throughout the topic we will be looking at three different texts to focus on in our reading and writing journeys. These texts are...





        Lost in the Toy Museum                 Wilfrid, Gordon, Macdonald                 In the past: Toys




Within our English lessons we will be looking at Lost in the Toy Museum and In the past: Toys. These will help us work through the composition side of Year 1. The children will be working towards writing three different writing outcomes. The three different outcomes the children will be working towards are...


* Autobiographies

* Non-chronological Reports

* Riddles


Our Guided Reading journey will focus on the text Wilfrid, Gordon, Macdonald Partridge. This text will help us to work through the word-reading and comprehension side of the Year 1 curriculum by focussing on inference and decoding along with other key skills.




Maths Journey


In Year 1 we begin our Maths journey by looking at ‘Number and Place Value.’  During this topic the children will be aiming to write and recognise numbers up to 100 in both words and numerals. The children will explore finding one more or less than given numbers as well as securing their understanding of number and groups of objects.


As we move into the second half of the Autumn term, we will begin to look at ‘Addition and Subtraction'. The children will be using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations to understand the concept of addition and subtraction. There will be a strong focus on number bonds and providing the children with the basic skills in which they can build on as they become more confident.



Foundation Subjects


As well as the core subject areas, we will also be focusing on key foundation subjects. These foundation subjects provide further breadth into topics surrounding history, geography, science, art etc. The focus will be on the skills which link to our topic. 



Childhood is a history based topic. This means there are very strong cross-curricular links throughout all learning journeys that relate to and delve into the history of childhood, society and other concepts. There is a focus on the use on historical events, vocabulary and artefacts that the children can explore and discover along the way.



Throughout our geography journey the children will be looking at settlements and the way they have changed over time. We will also be discussing physical and human features such as picture maps, compasses and vocabulary relatable to the oceans, equator etc.



Art will contain our 'Funny Faces' project throughout the Autumn term. This project enables children to look at portraits and self-portraits whilst also learning about colours, the colour wheel and how we can use it within our art work and in particular our portraits.



Science during this term takes us on a journey where we focus on materials. We particularly look at everyday materials and their properties. The children will discuss and investigate the way we use different materials everyday and why.



In regards to our PSHE journey. The children will be discussing the three main topics throughout the half term...

*Families and Friendships

*Safe Relationships

*Respecting ourselves and others


Religious Education

Across the two halves of the Autumn term, the children will look at two different themes and concepts for their RE learning journey. During the first half of the term the children will be focusing on the concept of celebration/ symbols in the context of Sikhism. 


Throughout the second half term the children will be able to explore the concept of Journey's end in the context of the Nativity.




Can you help at home?

Of course! If you would like to support your child's learning at home that is fantastic! Parents can support by encouraging children to read lots of information books about Childhood and ways that it has changed over time!



Alongside this, what would be most helpful is to ensure that your child reads their book at least twice a week and brings it back to school. This enables us to monitor their progress. Reading at home will help enhance children’s reading skills which will also impact their writing.  


Homework will be given out every Friday and asked to be returned on Wednesday.  It will be linked to what your child has been learning about in school that week. Discussing their homework with them is a great way to help with consolidating and checking their understanding!


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! smiley


Thank you for your support and engagement! heart