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Year 4 Mindfulness

Welcome to the Year 4 mindfulness page!


We will use this page to upload daily activities that the children can do to keep them upbeat and maintaining a positive mindset. 


With the world being in such a time of uncertainty it can be difficult to remember how lucky we are. These activities will allow the children to reflect on lucky they are and think about the things in life they should be grateful for. There is no expectation that they are done daily or at all - we just thought it would be nice to have if the children were feeling a little lost or low :) 

heart Write a list of things you like to do that begin with the first letter of your name.


heart Pick your favourite colour, use each letter to write a word of something you are grateful for e.g.

P = People that work to keep us safe.

I = Isolating to keep my class as safe as possible.


K = Kit Kats (especially during my time at home!:))


heart Write a note to your best friend to tell them what you have been up to.


heartDraw a self portrait and fill the background with positive things about you.


heart Create a gratitude jar. Each day write down one thing you are grateful for and put it in the jar.

We will be adding to this page regularly... Please send us photos of completed activities so we can see how you are getting on!


Year 4 - Keep shining like the stars that we know you are!