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Summer Term

The Stone Age Boy


We will be continuing to imbed the key spelling and grammar skills taught so far this year as well as introducing new grammar skills and applying these within our writing journey.


  • I can talk about time, place and cause using these words: when, while, so, because, then, next, soon, therefore, before, after, during, in, because of.
  • I can use the present perfect form of verbs e.g. He has gone out to play contrasted with He went out to play.


As well as this, a skill we are making a priority for the Summer Term is the children’s handwriting. Ensuring they are using cursive letter formations and joining their letters correctly.


  • I can use more of the diagonal and horizontal strokes I need to join letters and know which letters, when they are next to one another, are best left unjoined.
  • I can write so that most of my letters are easy to read, all the same way up and the same size. My writing is spaced properly so that my letters don’t overlap.

Autumn Term

Amazing Grace

We will begin our English journey with the text 'Grace and Family' by Mary Hoffman. This book leads on from their Year 2 final summer text 'Amazing Grace' which children looked at for their home learning during the Summer Term. 


In Guided Reading we will be:

  • Developing our love of reading by reading this text,
  • Predicting what will happen next,
  • Text marking and picking out key language,
  • Sequencing events,
  • Inferring how a character is feeling,
  • Writing a book review of this class text.


In English we will be:

  • Applying capital letters and full stops,
  • Using a range of conjunctions,
  • Adding description to our writing through the use of adjectives,
  • Making sure we are writing in the correct tense.


We will then apply these skills to a short writing outcome weekly, for example, a character description of Grace, a setting description of Gambia and writing a book review of our class text.


In addition to these sessions we will be learning our daily phonics, spelling rules and handwriting.