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Topic Related Writing


  • Minibeast Poster:  Is there a minibeast that you know lots of information about?  Or do you have any books or access to ‘Google’?  Can you make a poster about a minibeast?  On your poster can you draw your minibeast and label different parts of its body (e.g. wings, legs)?  Some of the information you might want to include on your poster is what your minibeast eats, where it lives and if it does anything amazing (e.g. bees make honey, ants are very strong etc).


  • Signs of Spring: Can you look out of your window or look in your garden for signs of spring?  Can you draw or write some of these.  Think about what is growing, the animals that are about, what clothes you are wearing.


Other Writing Opportunities


During games you are playing are there any opportunities for you to write?

  • If you are role playing could you write a list, card or order form?  If you are a shop can you make an open and closed sign or a price list?  If you are a cafe can you take an order and make a menu?  
  • How about helping your adult to wash the car?  Can you make yourself into a car wash?  You could write a price list and an open and closed sign.
  • If you are building something with construction such as Lego or junk modelling, can you make a plan first, drawing and labelling what you are going to make and listing what you will need for it?  Can you write about what you liked about your construction and what you might try next time to make it even better?
  • Can you make and write a card to send to a friend or family member?