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Week beginning Mon 4th May

Monday 4th May

Hey Rooks!  I hope you had a lovely weekend?  It was nice to be able to enjoy better weather although it is not as hot as it was a few weeks ago.  I went to my allotment to do a few jobs and keep an eye on everything.  Spring is well under way and as lovely as that is, there are some cheeky insects that are eating my vegetables!  It started off with a few holes in the leaves and now some of the plants have no leaves :-( Thankfully I have planted lots of vegetables but will keep doing my daily checks.

In case you are wondering, the mouse is still in the house.  It must think it is living in a mouse hotel as it makes an appearance every day and then hides again.  Lily is very frustrated, she wants to play with it!  If you can think of a name for it, just send me an email :-)


All the staff have made a video for the school which you can find on the school blog.  There is lots of singing and dancing which I hope you enjoy.  Make sure you check it out :-)


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Tuesday 5th May

Hey Rooks!  I have been super busy today.  I don't even know where time has gone! Apart from work, I have been out in the garden moving things around.  There are a few trees that were growing too close together so I had to move them so they get more space.  I've also watered the plants in the greenhouse and am about to walk to the allotment, although I am worried how many vegetables are left down there. The insects certainly seem to be happy!

I'll be in school tomorrow and am really looking forward to that.  I'll take some photos and put them up tomorrow so you can see how it looks.  It hasn't changed much, just a bit quieter (and cleaner!).


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Wednesday 6th May

Hey Rooks!  I had a fabulous day today because...I was at school!  The weather was lovely although I did manage to get sunburn again.  We spent most of the day outside and did different activities such as football, rounders and drawing rainbows.  I got to work with Miss Jones and Miss Spiers and it was fantastic to see them both again.  It almost felt like a normal day...

I then came home to find Daisy, Colin, Suki and Lily sunbathing in the garden and I can imagine they had been out there all day.  They have such an easy life!  Hope you had a great day too?


Keep smiling Rooks smiley



Thursday 7th May

Hey Rooks!  Wow, it has been another beautiful day!  It has been so lovely, I have sat outside most of the day and created a 'workstation' with an umbrella to protect me from the hot sun.  I have been super busy with work and am now almost ready to enjoy the bank holiday weekend.  Although it will probably involve sitting in the garden as I do most days!  It has been nice to read some more emails today about how you are getting on so please keep sending them.  Every email makes me smile and really brightens up the day.  

For those of you who regularly read my diaries, you will know that there was a mouse in my house.  Well, I think it has moved out to find a cat free hotel because it is no longer here.  It is a shame because I was getting used to it running around! 


Keep smiling Rooks and enjoy the bank holiday weekend smiley