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Week beginning Mon 20th April

Monday 20th April 

Hey Rooks! I hope you had a lovely Easter break?  The weather was certainly lovely, make sure if you go outside, you use sun protection.  Mr Bedford did get a little sunburnt...


Even though these are strange times (how often do we say that?), it is still important to find time to relax and recharge our batteries and I hope you all did that over the last 2 weeks.  It was nice to receive messages about what you had been getting up to so keep them coming :-)


Today is the first day of summer term and this is where we would usually (and excitedly) count down towards the summer holidays.  However, things are a little different at the moment and we take each day as it comes so I have spent today doing two things.  Firstly, I have been updating the home learning page so there are plenty of activities to carry on this week.  It is important to keep doing these, even if it is little and often.  Secondly, I have begun to write your reports which will go out later in the term.  It has been really interesting writing these as it allows me to reflect on all the wonderful things you have done in year 4 and how much progress you have all made so far :-)  It only seems like yesterday that I met you all for the first time but it has really been an enjoyable journey so far and we need to remember through these strange times that we will meet again and there are definitely good times ahead!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Tuesday 21st April

Hey Rooks!  I had an awesome day today because I was in school!  It was really nice but at the same time a bit strange, as it was really quiet.  I got to see Miss Sangha and Miss Spiers and I was grateful for the time to be in school and spend time with people.  Oh, our classroom is looking very tidy!  Make sure it stays that way when you come back :-)  The weather is really nice at the moment, although maybe a bit too hot at times, so I hope you are able to go outside for walks and exercise.  The British weather is not always this nice so enjoy it while you can!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Wednesday 22nd April

Hey Rooks!  It has been another beautiful day today.  I can not remember the last time I was able to spend so much time in the garden, it is fantastic.  The animals do not like the sun though and often sit in the shade.  Daisy and Colin are particularily spoilt and have an umbrella!  As it is the summer term, I was thinking how much has changed since the beginning of year 4.  You may not know but I have an allotment which I took over during our first week in September.  I have attached photos below of how much has changed in eight months. This is also just like you and all of you have made superb progress throughout the year.  It is really great to see the emails you are sending me, not just work but also the wonderful activities you are doing such as making pizza, singing fantastic songs and designing thank you posters for the NHS.  You are doing such a great job and I am blown away :-)


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Thursday 23rd April 

Hey Rooks!  It has been another super hot day today which has been lovely.  I think the weather really improves my mood and is definitely something to appreciate at the moment.  I borrowed the rabbit's umbrella so I could sit outside and do some work, I don't think they were too happy though!  I also watered the plants in my greenhouse as they were looking a little tired and thirsty.  It has been really nice to read your emails and see the fantastic work you have been doing.  It definitely brightens up my day and improves my mood, just like the sun :-)


Keep smiling Rooks smiley 

Friday 24th April

Hey!  Today has been another lovely day, we are so lucky to have good weather!  Usually on a Friday we would be leaving school with our homework and looking forward to the weekend and a well-deserved rest.  It is a bit different now but hopefully you can still find ways to relax and chill, although slightly differently to before.  Today I have continued to work but during my breaks, I have read books, practised my German and most importantly, watered the plants!  One thing I am going to do over the weekend is look at the stars.  There are some satellites that were recently launched into space that are visible over the next few days at certain times, apparently you can see them tonight between 8pm and 10pm and similar times on Saturday and Sunday.  How cool is that?!  Keep looking up...


Keep smiling Rooks and I hope you have a lovely weekend smiley