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Week beginning 8th June

Monday 8th June

Hey Rooks!  It is a brand new week...and today is World Ocean Day!  The ocean is our topic for English and Science this week so make sure you check out the home learning pages.  There is a great documentary on BBC iPlayer called 'Blue Planet II' (which is free!) so if you get a chance, watch it as it is absolutely brilliant.

I was in class today and we researched many facts about the ocean.  Did you know that only 5% of the ocean has been explored and the ocean also has the world's longest mountain range.  Imagine that, a whole mountain range under the sea!  

I also learnt another fact which some of you may or may not know.  The allotment has so many weird and wonderful bugs and I found one yesterday that looked like a mini monster!  I have added a picture of it below.  Does anybody know what it is?  I will tell you tomorrow...


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Tuesday 9th June

Hey Rooks! I had another great day at school today.  Hopefully you have been enjoying the World Ocean Day theme and we have carried this on in school by researching the Ocean and creating factfiles on what we have found.  Did you know that an octopus has three hearts? Or that some species of Jellyfish have been around since the dinosaurs?  What amazing facts! If only Jellyfish could talk about what they had seen all those years ago...

You are never too old to learn new things and I have been learning a lot this week on the allotment.  Did you see the photo I posted yesterday?  Did anybody find out what it is?  It is in fact...a ladybird!  That is what they look like when they are young, they eventually transform into what you see below.  How cool is that?


Keep smiling Rooks smiley



Wednesday 10th June

Hey Rooks!  I keep waking up and looking out of the window, hoping that the sun will be shining and I will see a beautiful blue sky.  I will keep doing it, hopefully one day it will happen!  But seriously, if anybody knows where the sun is, please let me know.  Maybe we should create a missing poster to help find it.

I went to school today and it feels strange saying it, but it now feels normal.  It used to be a strange feeling at first when I went to school once a week but now it feels odd when I am not there.  That is obviously a good thing!  I am sure, when you come back to school, whenever that may be, it will feel strange too but then it becomes normal again.

I am having a rest from the allotment today.  The rain means I do not have to water any plants today!  Think of all the time I will have saved :-)

Oh, and before I forget, I am so impressed by the Ocean posters, fact files and stories you are sending me.  Keep it going, they are amazing!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Thursday 11th June

Hey Rooks!  Yet another rainy day! Looks like we will have to wait a little longer for the summer weather.  I have spent a lot of time since lockdown looking out of the window into the garden, I even counted the different types of birds that visited.  Well, I saw a goldfinch today for the first time ever! In fact, there were two and they keep coming back to the same feeder.  There is a picture below (from google, my photo was blurry), but it is little things like that which I appreciate during times like these.  Have you spotted any different wildlife since you have been at home?

A rainy day has meant another day away from the allotment.  There is not much I would be able to do in this weather so I will wait until the weekend.  I planted strawberries at the beginning of lockdown and they have already grown, I ate some yesterday.  Sorry, I can't share any!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Friday 12th June

Hey Rooks!  I was really hopeful this morning that the sun would be shining and for a moment I thought it was going to happen...there was a little bit of blue in the sky!  Then it rained! Hopefully the weekend is nicer...

I was in school this morning and it was nice to catch up with people who I had not seen for a while.  I have said it before, but going to school definitely feels like it is becoming more of my normal routine, which is fantastic.

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?  I have not been to the allotment for 3 days, there is no point when the weather is bad as I will not be able to dig anything.  Maybe I can get down there tomorrow and pick some more strawberries?  Before the insects and birds eat them!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley