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Week beginning 1st June

Monday 1st June

Hey Rooks! I hope you had a fantastic half term? The weather was absolutely amazing and today feels like the hottest day so far. I wonder how long it will last for?

It was a lovely start to the day.  It is my birthday and as soon as I came into school, Miss Jones handed me my presents that she and some lovely staff had put together.  It was really nice as I did not think anybody would know.  It was also nice to be back inside our classroom which is being used by the children whose parents are keyworkers.  Things have been moved around but it did feel good to write on the board again!

Oh, and before I forget, Daisy and Colin are now friends!  They have been living together for the last three days and are really happy together so it is nice that they are not lonely.  Colin seems much happier, he likes to show off and jump all over the garden.


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Tuesday 2nd June

Hey Rooks! What another hot day!  I am melting in this heat although I do hear that tomorrow there may be rain.  It was another great day at school today. We did some research on butterflies and created a poem based on what we had found.  Even I learnt some new facts! We even had time to decorate a few butterflies (not real ones) and stick them on our classroom window.

I am starting to get back into a routine of going into work and then coming home to finish off any work and reply to emails so please be patient, I will look at your fabulous work and reply :-)

When I got home Colin and Daisy were sunbathing on the patio and Suki and Lily were sleeping in the shade.  As I am writing this, they have both swapped over!

I went out for a walk last night in The New Forest and it was really nice to get out for some fresh air and look at the world around us.  I highly recommend it!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley


Wednesday 3rd June

Hey Rooks! Does anyone know where the sun has gone?  If you know who has it, please let me know and I will try to get it back again.  At least it is good for the plants and saves me a job at the allotment!  I went to school today and it does feel like I am getting back into a routine again.  I know it is difficult for you as you are still home learning but keep up with the great work that you are doing and it is great to read your emails.  This will not last forever and hopefully it is not too long before we can see each other again.

The cats and rabbits are not happy with the weather.  They seem to be sulking and do not want to go outside.  Lily is particularly noisy, it sounded like she was having a tantrum because she could not sunbathe as normal.  I can hear her now somewhere in the house, meowing away.


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Thursday 4th June

Hey Rooks!  I have had a quiet day today planning lessons for next week.  I think it is the change in weather, it has left me feeling quite tired.  It certainly affects the cats and rabbits, they have barely moved today.  Every time I go downstairs to check on them, they are just curled up, looking sleepy.

I went to the allotment this afternoon to plant some more vegetables.  I have been growing beans (french beans not baked beans!) in the greenhouse so have moved them to the allotment where there is more space.  I had to build a frame to support them and as you can see below, I think I did a good job!  Hopefully the wind does not blow it down...


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Friday 5th June

Hey Rooks!  I can't believe the end of the week is already here!  Did you know it is World Ocean Day on Monday? This will link with our science topic next week so I have spent the morning watching some cool videos about underwater explorers which I hope to share on the website.  I have also received some super poems and posters about space which have been great to read so keep sending them in!

The weather has been a bit strange today and there were hailstones earlier.  Thankfully I had just got back from the allotment so was not caught in it.  I hope the weather gets back into summer mode, especially for the animals, they look so sad when they can not sunbathe! 

Have a lovely weekend and I will catch up with you on Monday!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley