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Week beginning 15th June

Monday 15th June

Hey Rooks!  Well, it looks like we have found the sun!  What a lovely day it has been today.  I am really impressed by the Ocean work I am receiving so keep it coming in, I love the variety of powerpoints, leaflets and posters.  They are fantastic!

I have been tidying up the classroom ready for next week and looking at how to move things around.  For those of you that begin to come back next week, the room will look a little different but it isn't anything to worry about, there is still the opportunity to have plenty of fun.

Hopefully the sun stays out a little longer and we see it tomorrow as well!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley



Tuesday 16th June

Hey Rooks!  Another lovely sunny day today.  It is days like these that I wish I had a swimming pool in my garden. Oh, I forgot to tell you about my garden mystery.  A few days ago, a hole appeared under my shed.  It couldn't be the rabbits because they can not get to the shed. It is not the cats because they seem to be surprised just like I am.  I kept thinking, what could it be?  I knew something was underneath because late at night something ran out and jumped over the fence although it was too dark to see.  Well, mystery over because what did we see come out from it this morning?  A fox!

That means Colin and Daisy have to be under constant supervision.  It's a bit like being at school, making sure they are safe at all times!  I really hope there is not a fox family underneath the shed!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley

Wednesday 17th June

Hey Rooks!  Another lovely day of sunshine!  Not that I saw much of it as I was inside school. Apparently it is going to rain tomorrow so no sunbathing for me. Since I found out that I have a new neighbour in the garden, whenever I am home I am immediately on fox watch.  The rabbits and cats are happy to run around and play in the garden but I just need to make sure that they are safe.  It does not help that other 'dig holes' have appeared on the borders of my garden, I think it is the fox making himself comfortable and making a new entrance or exit to the streets outside.  Not that it helps me or my flower beds!


Keep smiling Rooks smiley