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Week 6 & 7

Maths Challenge 1!



Skylarks are you ready for your first Maths challenge? I hope you are ready to put your super Maths skills to the test...I will be adding a new challenge every day for your to complete. :)


You need to create your own shape dinosaur! 


Use your knowledge of shapes and lines to label and describe the shapes you have used in the drawing.

  • What type of angles are in your shape? Acute, obtuse or right angle?
  • Are your lines horizontal or vertical?
  • Do you have any lines that are parallel or perpendicular to each other?
  • How many sides do your shapes have? 
  • How many corners?


If you would like to share what you create I would love to see it! Use the email


Keep smiling! :)

Maths Challenge 2!



Today's challenge will continue with our topic of shapes! Attached below is a document containing 3 statements. It is your job to find out if they are sometimes true, always true or never true! :)


Use diagrams and pictures to investigate and explain using your incredible explanation skills!


Keep smiling! :)

Maths Challenge 3!



Happy Fri-YAY! Today's challenge is a fun one... a 3D shape hunt! I want you to find and name as many 3D shapes as you can find around your house.


Once you have discovered them I would like you to label the properties you can find on them! You might want to take pictures, or draw them first or even just stick post it notes straight onto the objects??? :)


Think about the following properties:

  • The name of the 3D shape.
  • How many vertices does it have?
  • How many edges?
  • What type of angles can you find... acute, obtuse or right angle?
  • Are the edges straight or curved?


Don't forget to email me with what you find.

Happy hunting! :)


Keep smiling!:)

Maths Challenge 4!



Hey Skylarks! I am very impressed with how you have tackled the challenges so far! The pictures you have been sending in look amazing.


Since you were so fantastic at the 3D shape hunt I thought we would carry on with this by creating your own 3D SHAPE ROBOT! :)


You could create is using empty boxes and items from around your house or your could draw your robot on paper or try and create it on the computer. The choice is yours! :)


I would like you to also name all the shapes you have used on your robot.

I would love to see them, please take a picture and send it to


Keep smiling! :)

Maths Challenge 5!



I hope you are enjoying making your 3D shape robot, I can't wait to see them! :)

Once you have made your robot I would like you make a note of the features of the shapes you have used... think about what features to look out for!

  • Vertices
  • Edges
  • Faces
  • 2D shapes you can see
  • Types of angles
  • Types of lines


This will help you get ready for challenge 6! :)


Keep smiling! :)

Maths Challenge 6!



Wow! Well I have received some super pictures of your incredible shape robots! Your enthusiasm and creativity blows me away! :)... Have a look below at some of the pictures of the robots your fellow Skylarks have made!


For today's challenge I would like you to write a description of your robot, use the notes you made from yesterdays challenge to help you. Have think about how you could describe the different shapes and colours you have used and what properties of the 3D shapes could you describe? Have a look below at some features I would like you to look out for:

  • What colours have you used?
  • What 3D shapes have you used?
  • What 2D shapes can you see on your 3D shapes?
  • How many faces and edges do they have?
  • What different angles can you see?
  • How many vertices does each shape have?
  • Can you spot any parallel or perpendicular lines?



Also... don't forget to NAME your robot! :)

I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Keep smiling! :)

Maths Challenge 7!



You have all made me very proud with the super work you have produced this week! 


Here is your final challenge for the week. It is an investigation! Below are 4 statements which are true or false. I would like you to investigate each one to find out if they are true or false. Once you have discovered the answer I would like you to explain why... you could even add drawings to help your explanation. :)


Keep smiling! :)