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Week 5 & 6

Egyptian tomb discovery!



In school, as a class we had been preparing to write a description of an Ancient Egyptian tomb discovery. I would like you now to write your description of that discovery! :)


Think about what we did in class:


We collected a range of descriptive vocabulary and organised this into the different senses.

  • What can you see?
  • What can you hear?
  • What can you smell?
  • What can you touch?
  • Can you taste anything?
  • How might you be feeling?


We also looked at a good example from last year and unpicked good features.

  • Paragraphs
  • A range of punctuation
  • Adjectives 
  • Conjunctions
  • Use of suffixes and prefixes, which we had been using in our spelling sessions


Think about all of this when you are writing your own description. I would love to see what you write by emailing it to I look forward to reading them! 


Keep smiling :)

Skylarks Kindness Story



Last week on our Kindness Calendar it asked us to create a class kindness story. As a class we decided that each child in the class would create their own character and decide on what act of kindness that could carry out. For example:

  • Positive Poppy - Helps someone with their shopping
  • Excellent Emma - Writes a positive note for someone


The children who were in school started to write their part of the story, telling the reader about the characters random act of kindness. Your character is your story, your can be as creative as your like! If your were in class and already wrote yours, could you now type it up on to the computer and email it to me? Or draw a picture to go with your story?


We already made one class books... now we can make our second! :)


Keep smiling! :

Become Egyptian Researchers!



Your next challenge is to become Egyptian researchers! I would like you to research one of the following topics on Ancient Egypt. You can present you findings how ever you like... I will add a few suggestions for you below. :)


Ancient Egyptian Topics:

  • Ancient Egyptian games.
  • Ancient Egyptian school life.
  • Ancient Egyptian sports.
  • Ancient Egyptian jobs.

Choose which one you would like to research the most and see what you can discover!



Here are some ideas for how you could present your research.

  • A mind map.
  • A poster. 
  • A list of bullet points.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Diagrams and pictures.


This research will then help you with the task I have ready for next week!

Keep smiling! :)

Time to plan!



I hope you have found out some incredible facts about the lives of the Ancient Egyptians! I can't wait to see! :) Your next task is all about planning!


I would like you to choose how you would like to display all the facts and information you have discovered. Here are some ideas below:

  • A poster
  • A leaflet
  • An information booklet
  • A non-chronological report

It is up to you! :)


Your task is to plan out your piece of writing... what facts and information are going to go where? Or what titles and and sub-titles do you need to include?

Have a look at some of the features below for ideas...

  • Title
  • Sub-titles
  • Paragraphs
  • Topics
  • Fact bubbles
  • Pictures

I would love to see what you come up with!


Keep smiling! :)

Wonderful Writing!



Some of you have already been busy planning their writing which is super to see! :)

Your next task is to put your plan to good use and write up your facts on the Ancient Egyptians. Remember the format is up to you, take a look above at the ideas. :)


When you are writing remember to think about the features of good writing that we learnt about in class:

  • A range of punctuation
  • Adjectives
  • Conjunctions
  • Paragraphs
  • Heading and sub-headings
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • A range of sentence starters


There are some examples below...

I can't wait to see the final piece! :) Please email your work to so I can take a look.


Keep smiling! :)

Read and review!



Well, I have very much enjoyed reading some of your wonderful pieces of writing filled with fantastic facts all about the Ancient Egyptian life! :)


For today's task I would like you to become the reader! Find a member of your family to read out your piece of writing to and teach them all about how the Egyptians used to live.


Once you have read it to them can you then work together to evaluate your work. Find 3 things that you and your family member really likes about your writing... your 3 stars! :) Then can you work together to come with 2 next steps... how could you make your writing EVEN better?! :)


Keep smiling! :