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Week 5 - 29/6

Week 5

The Green Ship Faces a Storm!



Welcome to Week 5 Skylarks! :)

Below are the next few pages of our book! To begin the week please could you read the pages below.

Activity 1


Hey Skylarks! Welcome to Week 5! :)


For the first activity I would like you to first read the pages of our book that are above. Once you have done this I would like you to focus on the images of the storm.


Looking at how the illustrator has draw the storm I would like you to to write a lift of descriptive words and phrases that could describe the storm.


Think about all your senses...

  • What can you see?
  • What might you hear?
  • What you can feel?
  • What might you smell?
  • What can you touch?


This about what adjectives and adverbs you can use to make descriptive phrases that describe the storm in the book.


Enjoy! :)

Activity 2


Welcome to Activity 2!


I would like you now to use your descriptive phrases from the first activity to write a descriptive paragraph to describe the storm in the book.


Think about the writing skills you could use in your description...

  • A range of punctuation.
  • Capital letters.
  • Adjective.
  • Similes.
  • Alliteration.
  • Adverbs.
  • Using a and an correctly.


Don't forget to send me the work you produce! I can't wait to read your wonderful work! :)

Activity 3


Today's activity requires you to use your super prediction skills!


I would like you to write a prediction of what you think might happen next! Look through the previous pages in the book to refresh your memory and look for any clues that might give you an idea of what might happen.


Remember when you are writing your prediction to explain your reason why for your prediction and refer to the clues in the book.


I can't wait to read what you think might happen next! :)