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Week 5 - 18/5

What happens next...


So this week we are coming to the end of our book. This is one of my favourite books so I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I do! We are going to be starting by predicting what you think might happens next... scroll down to find out more! :)




Above are our next 2 pages from our book the Stone Age Boy, today I would like you to write a prediction about what you think will happen next in the book.


Think about what has happened so far and refer to clues in the text to justify your reasons for your prediction. I can't wait to see what you all come up with! :)


Keep smiling! :)

Back home...



Above are the last 3 pages of our book. Have a read... were your predictions correct? :)


Today I would like you to create a feeling mind map in role as the boy. What emotions do you think he is feeling turning up at home? Remember to justify your answers by telling me why you think this! :)


He could be feeling a whole mix of emotions, consider the fact that he will never see Om again but he is finally reunited with his family! Take a picture once you are done so I can see the wonderful you create!

Question time!



The boy learnt a lot from Om during his stay with her and her family in the Stone Age! But what about Om? Today I would like you to put yourself in her shoes and come up with a set of questions you think Om would like to find out about how the boy lives and survives in our time! :)


Below are some points to help you think about topics which Om might like to learn about...

  • The buildings we live in.
  • What school is like.
  • How do we cook and eat.
  • The clothes we wear.


If you would like to challenge yourself you could also consider what the boys answers would be to the questions you create!

Have fun! :)

Book Review! 



For today's task I would like you to write your own review of the book The Stone Age Boy.


Here are a few handy hints for you when you are writing your books review:

  • Remember to include the title and the author of your book so others can find it and read it!
  • Could you include your own star rating to show much you liked the book?
  • What is your book about? ... but remember not to give away the ending. :)
  • What was your favourite part? Who was your favourite character?
  • Could you include a picture of your book?


Below are some templates of a book review if you would like to use them. But feel free to create and write your own! :)


Keep smiling! :)

Comic Strip!



This is the final activity of the week so I thought I would make it a fun one! :)


I would like you to create your own comic strip of our book The Stone Age Boy! It is time to put your magnificent drawing skills to good use! I have added some templates below for you to use but you can also create your own if you prefer! :)


You could also add colour through pencil, felt tip or paint! I can't wait to see the finished piece! :)