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Week 5 - 18/5

Fraction Problem Solving!


This week is all about problem solving! :)


Each day will be a new problem for you to solve. You can use objects and resources to investigate and solve the problems and you can also apply your fantastic justification skills to explain your answers. Make sure you take lots of pictures so I can what wonderful work you produce!


Keep smiling! :)

Monday's Problem...



Below are your first two problems of the week! :)


Have a read of them and then begin your investigating! To help you, you could use objects around the house, drawing bar models and diagrams and investigating using a range of fraction problems.


Remember to take lost of pictures so show me your answers! :)

Tuesday's Problems...



Hey SENSATIONAL Skylarks! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's problems and you are ready for today's! Below are 3 more problems for you on the topic of fractions! :)


I have also added some super examples from children's problems solving yesterday as a marvellous model for you all! :)


Have fun and keep smiling! :)

excellent examples...

Wednesday's problem...



Once again you have made me so incredibly proud of the wonderful work you have produced! It makes me smile each time I received a new email from you! :)


I hope you are ready for day 3 of our problem solving week! Take a look below at the next 3 problems I have prepared for you! :)

Thursday's problem...



Wow! Well aren't you all amazing?!? You are flying through these Maths problems this week!


Below are 3 new problems ready for you to investigate! Try and challenge yourself to explain and prove your answer in writing. :)


Keep smiling! :)

Friday's problem...



Happy Fri-YAY Skylarks! :) Below is your 5th and final problem of the week!


You are going to be masters at fractions after completing all of these fractions and I am so proud of you! 


Keep smiling! :)