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Week: 4th May






This week’s task is very CREATIVE! It even gives you a chance to EAT it! As our topic is ‘Fruit for FUN’ let’s actually try and have fun with fruit!


I’d like you to try and create your very own FRUITY KEBAB and write a set of instructions on how you created it. You’ll need to select a few pieces of fruit, these can be any type that you’d like. You’ll need help to cut up this fruit and slide it onto the skewer (if available) Make it as creative as you like!


Here are some examples…

When writing your set of instructions think back to when we’ve done this in class.


  • A funky title,
  • An introduction so your reader knows what your instructions are on,
  • Subheadings – equipment / fruit used. Bullet point the things used under each of these subheadings,
  • Numbers,
  • Time connectives – Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Etc.
  • ‘Bossy’ verbs –
  • Clear sentences with conjunctions (and, that, but, because) and punctuation marks (. , ! ?)



Please send in a picture of your fabulous fruity kebabs and instructions to 

I’d LOVE to see what you created!