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Week 4 - 22/6

The Green Ship



Below are the next 6 pages of our book! Have a read! 


Keep smiling! :)

Session 1


For your first activity I would like you to carefully read the next pages which I have uploaded above. There are quite a few tricky words on these pages. e.g.

  • Atlas
  • Ruin
  • Southward

... and many more :)


I would like you to pick out any words you or are unsure of or don't understand and the research the definition of these words to help you fully understand the text. :)



Session 2


In these pictures the children use their imagination to pretend they are travelling to different places in the world whilst on their boat.


I would like you to text-mark and underline the words and phrases on the pages that tell you what different places they visit. Your activity is to explain to me what props and objects the children have used to help them imagine the variety of countries they visit.


For example...

  • The bushes in the garden became icebergs as they pretended to visit the Atlantic.

Session 3


The children have enjoyed using their imagination to visit many different and exciting places from around the world!


If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you like to travel to?


I would like you to research the place you chose and write a descriptive paragraph, using your imagination to pretend you are really there!


I can't wait to see what you write! Please remember to email me the wonderful work you produce! :)