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Week 4 - 22/6




This week we are going to be looking at the inverse of multiplication... DIVISION!

Below are 3 tasks which will require you to apply your excellent division skills! I hope you enjoy the activities and don't forget to email me pictures of your wonderful work!


Keep smiling! :)

Session 1


This first activity is similar to the multiplication task from last week... instead I would like you to create DIVISION FLOWERS!


Below are some examples of what a division flower looks like! You put the number in the center, the number you are dividing on the petal and the answer underneath. Please concentrate on the 3, 4 and 8 times table.


Once you have created the flower, you can then use it to master you division skills and solve calculations! 


Enjoy! :)

Session 2


I hope you enjoyed the first task! :) The division flowers should now help you to complete today's task! I would like you to represent solving a division calculation by drawing the method of SHARING.


There are some examples below of how to break this down! :)


First pick the calculation you would like to represent using the division flower. Then you can represent solving this calculation by using the sharing method.


Don't forget to email me your wonderful work so I can see what you have been busy doing! :)

Session 3


It is time to put your egg boxes to good use again to solve DIVISION WITH REMAINDERS problems!


There is a video below explaining how you can use the egg box to solve division calculation who's answer will have a remainder.


Use your new egg box game to write down calculations and solve them using your wonderful new knowledge and sharing method! :)

If you would like to challenge yourself you can also put your justification skills to the test and explain your answers! :)

Egg carton division (grouping and sharing)

In this video we use an egg box to help children understand what is meant by division as grouping and division as sharing.