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Week 3 - 4/5

Fantastic Fractions


This week we will start to look at FRACTIONS! I have a some super fun activities lined up for you and I can't wait to see what wonderful work you produce! :) 


Below are some handy hints to re-fresh your memory on what we learnt in class on this topic...

Your name in fractions!



Hey sensational Skylarks... happy MARVELLOUS MONDAY! :)

Below is your first activity of the week... you are going to transform your name into a fraction!


I have added an example below for you to use as a model... each letter of the name is a part of the whole! For example if your name has 4 letters the denominator will be 4 as that makes your WHOLE name! :) I would like you to recreate the model below for your own name! :)


Once you have done your own could you challenge yourself by doing one of your family members names? I can't wait to see the fantastic work you create!

Fraction Flowers!



I hope you are ready for another fun activity all about fractions! :) Today I would like you to create your own fraction flowers! :)


I have added examples of these below and it is up to use which version of the flowers you would like to create! You can draw these on paper or make 3D versions using paper plates...You can also make these as colourful as you like! :)


Have fun and keep smiling! :)

Food in fractions!



Today's activity is definitely a fun one! Combining fractions with FOOD! :)


I would like you to use your fraction flowers from yesterday to help you with today's task! Look at the fractions you have on your flowers, can you now find objects or food that you can split into those fractions... remember they must be equal! :)


I have added an example below to help you! I have also added sentences below that explain what my food fraction represents!

  • My apple represents a fraction of a quarter.
  • A quarter is a whole split into 4 equal parts.
  • The denominator is a 4 because 4 parts of the apple will make a whole.
  • If a took a part of the apple I would have 1/4 the numerator is 1 because I have 1 equal part.
  • 2/4 of the apple is equivalent to 1/2 of the apple.


Can you use the sentences above to help you describe your own food fractions? :)

Create your own fraction wall!



For today's task I would like you to create your own fractions wall! This helps when is comes to finding equivalent fractions... fractions which are equal! :)


How you make your fraction wall is up to you! I have added some images below of examples. You could build a 3D wall out of building blocks or lego or you could make one out of paper or draw your own! :) Colour coding makes it easier to read and see the different equivalent fractions!


It is time to put your creativity to good use! :)

Equivalent Fractions



Are you ready to put those fraction walls to good use? :) Today's task is all about finding equivalent fractions!


Do you remember what EQUIVALENT means? ... It is similar to equal which means you are finding fractions that are EQUAL! :)


You can use your fraction wall to help you find equivalent fractions, you can also use concrete objects such as lego or FOOD! I have added some examples below of how you can do this! :)

I would like you to tell me the equivalent fractions you have found and also explain it in a sentence. For example...

  • 1/2 = 3/6 I know that 1 half is equivalent to 3 sixths. I know this because 1 multiplied by 3 equals 3 and 2 multiplied by 3 equals 6. 

You could also draw a diagram to help prove this! :)


Have fun and keep smiling! :)

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