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Week 3 - 4/5

A Letter Home!


Hey Skylarks! Welcome to week 3 of looking at the book THE STONE AGE BOY!


This week we will be building up to writing a letter home in role as the boy.  But first... below are the next 5 pages of our story...

Features of a letter!



Happy Monday Skylarks! :) Today is the first lesson building up to writing a letter in role as the boy from the book. Today I would like you to understand the purpose of the features in a letter. 


Below are a list of key features you need to include when writing a letter. I would like you to tell me what the purpose of each of these features are.

For example: Sender's name - So the individual receiving the letter knows who it is from.


  • Sender's address
  • Date
  • Sender's name
  • Opening greeting
  • Introduction 
  • Paragraphs
  • Time connectives
  • Conjunctions
  • A conclusion
  • A complimentary closing statement
  • Sender's name


Keep smiling! :)

Story Mapping!



Below I have added slides showing all the pages of our story so far. Your task for today is to create a story map of the events that have happened so far. This will help you when it comes to writing your letter! :)


There are some templates I have attached below which you can use to help you or you can create your own plan. For example you could create your own S Map of the events of the story so far! You may even want to add pictures or draw your own to illustrate these events?


Keep up the amazing work! You are making me so proud! :)

Time to plan!



Today is your time to plan! :) You have your story line prepared and now you need to think of the other features you need to include in your letter...

  • Can you create the address?
  • How many paragraphs will you write and what will be in each paragraph?
  • What opening phrase will you start your letter with?
  • What conjunctions can you use to extend you sentences?
  • What adjectives will you include to add description to your letter?


I would like you to think about these different features for you letter and create your own plan. I have added a template to help you if you would like to use it or you can create your own layout! :)




Today is the day where you get to put your wonderful writing skills to the test! :) I would like you to write your letter in role at the boy!


Think about all those features you have identified about a letter that you need to include. Use your plan from yesterday to help make your letter writing even better! :)


Please send me your finished pieces through via email I can't wait to read them! :)




You have been producing some wonderful letters which have been such a pleasure to read and remind me of what incredible writers you all are! :) Today's task is all about illustrating... another word for drawing! :)


This gives you a chance to finish off your letters if you aren't quite finished too! :)


I would like you to add a drawing to include in your letter to show your mum where you are living in the Stone Age! Use the information provided in the text to create an image of what the camp may look like! You might want to do many small images or one large image... It is up to you!


Have fun! :)