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Week 3 - 15/6

Week 3

Times Table Practice



Hey Skylarks! Welcome to Week 3! Another week full of fun and exciting activities! This week we will continue to focus on our times table skills. All these activities will help you practice your 3's, 4's and 8 times table!


Enjoy! :)

Session 1

Times Table Wheels


We are going to start the week creating our own helpful resources! Below is a video showing you how to create your own MULTIPLICATION WHEEL! :)


This is a super helpful resource to support you mastering the times tables. You can also create your own using paper plates which you can spin!


I would like you to create your own multiplication wheel, pick a times table you would like to practice. Once you have created the wheel, use it to practice and solve multiplication problems! If you would like to create more than one that would be amazing!

Maths Working Model | Multiplication Table Wheel For Students | Maths TLM For Students | The4Pillars

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Session 2

Finding The Inverse


Today we are going to continue to use our multiplication wheels to help us with today's activity. Today we are going to focus on FINDING THE INVERSE!


Multiplication and division are linked! They are the inverse of each other. Can you remember what inverse means?... THE OPPOSITE! Multiplication is the opposite of division.


I would first like you to watch the video below to refresh your memory on inverse calculations. Then I would like you to have a go at creating your own INVERSE FACT SQUARES. There are some examples below for you to have a look at.


If you would like to challenge yourself you could also explain your set of 4 sums! :)

Multiplication and Division Relationships - Fun Math Videos for Kids 3rd Grade

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Session 3

Game Time!


Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is GAME TIME! :)


Watch the video below on how to play the multiplication egg box game and then have a go for yourself! This is your opportunity to put all your wonderful times table knowledge to the test!


If you don't have an egg box to hand you can play a similar game using dice. You can roll the dice twice and multiply the two numbers it lands on by each other.


Have fun! I can't wait to see pictures of the fun you have with this! :)

Egg carton multiplication games - practising times tables

In this video we show a variety of activities children can do with an egg box to practise their times tables.

Session 4

Times Table Fortune Teller


Take a look at this fun activity Skylarks! Create your very own TIMES TABLE FORTUNE TELLER! :)


I have added print outs below for you to print and create your own by following the attached instructions. You can test yourself or even your other family members by using this fun and interactive game!


Don't forget to send me pictures! :)

Session 5

Practice Practice Practice...


Today I would like you to use the fortune teller you created yesterday to solve multiplication problems on the 3's, 4's and 8 times tables!


Write down each calculation as you solve it so you can see how many you know! This will also help you see which ones you might find tricky and find out which ones you need extra practice on to make you a TIMES TABLE MASTER!


Keep smiling! :)