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Week 3 - 15/6

The Green Ship Continued...



We are continuing to look at our book, The Green Ship! Below I have added the next pages of our book for you to read before we begin this week's activities!


Have fun and keep smiling! :)

Session 1

Reading The Text


Happy Monday Skylarks! Above are the next few pages of our class book! :)


For today's task I would like you to read the pages and identify the language used in the texts that links them to imagining them being on a boat!


You could create a mind map or write your own notes around the pages to show what you find!

Session 2



In the book the lady introduces the man using the name Bosun.


Your challenge today is to find out the definition of the word BOSUN. 

  • Why has the author chosen this name?
  • Why is it important to the story?


I would like you to write about the definition of the word and why it is important to the story.


Keep smiling! :)

Session 3

Mr Tredegar


Now you have discovered the meaning of Mr Tredegar's nick name you are ready for today's activity!


  • Do you really think he is a ship's officer?
  • What do you think he is more likely to be?


Use the clues given in the text and look at the illustrations of him to explain and reason your answer.

Session 4

Mrs Tredegar


Now we are going to move onto looking at the character Mrs Tredegar. Today we are going to create a ROLE ON THE WALL for this new character.


Draw a body outline of Mrs Tredegar on a piece of paper. The outside is to record the character’s feelings and the inside is for how the character appears to others.

  • What do you know about the character from the clues in the text and illustrations? What do the things she says tell us about her?
  • Now focus on her physical appearance, actions and dialogue. What do her clothes suggest about her? 


Use descriptive phrases to describe her appearance and personality. Consider the following SPaG skills I know you are amazing at...

  • ambitious adjectives
  • adverbs
  • similes
  • metaphors 


Record ideas around an image of Mrs Tredegar. This will help with tomorrows activity! :)

Session 5 

Character Description


Today I would like you to use your role on the wall from yesterday to write your own character description of Mrs Tredegar. 


I have added a model below of a description of this character. Read through this first, looking at what works well. You can even mag pie some ideas and phrases from it to add to your own description! :)


Don't forget to use all those wonderful writing skills of yours! :)


Mrs Tredegar is a slim, elegant lady in a violet dress which falls just above her black, pointy shoes with sleeves that reach her wrists. On her head sits a mustard coloured sun hat covering her grey hair which she wears in a loose bun. Around her neck is a rose coloured scarf tied neatly like a sailor’s knot. Whilst her face is pointy, her eyes are kind and she wears a warm, friendly smile. When the children first meet her, they are unsure what to think of her as she appears to be strict like a captain ordering them to clean the decks, however, she soon shows a more welcoming side by giving the children tea with delicious cakes and sandwiches. She is also a patient teacher as she trains the children to crew the ship. Mrs Tredegar is surprisingly adventurous and imaginative for a woman of her age and seems to know a lot about sailing!