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Week 2 - 8/6

The beginning...



I hope you are looking forward to beginning this book! This week we will be focusing on the start of the book, unpicking the first few pages and meeting the main characters!


Enjoy! :)

Session 1


The first pages focus on the children who are the main characters in the book. I would like you to read through the pages above and annotate the pages or create a mind map.


Pay attention to the details in the pages...

  • What do the pictures show?
  • What description is in the text?
  • How would you describe the children?
  • How might they be feeling?


You can either print the pages off and write notes around the pages or use a piece of paper to create a mind map of everything you notice.


Enjoy! :)

Session 2


Today I would like you to focus on the children! I would like you to create a role on the wall of the boy and the girl in the book, based on the clues given so far.


I have added templates below which you can use or you can draw your own templates! :) 

On the inside of the outline I would like you describe their appearance and on the outside I would like you to describe their personality.


Think about the descriptive phrases you could use to describes the characters appearance and personality! Use you knowledge of ambitious adjectives and adverbs. You could also challenge yourself by including some similes and alliteration.

Session 3


Today's task will involve you using your wonderful descriptive skills in writing a character description. I would like you to choose either the boy or the girl to write a character description of.


Use the role on the wall you created yesterday to help you as it will include lots of vocabulary which will help you describe their appearance and personality.


I have also added some images below which will help you focus on what you need to include in your writing. Read through these checklists before you begin to write and don't forget to proof read! :)


I can't wait to read them!

Session 4


Today will be all about up-leveling and editing.


I would like you to re-read your character description from yesterday. As you read it can you pick out sentences that you could improve to make it even better?


Your task is to choose 3 sentences that you can improve to make even better for the reader. I have added some hints below of how you could improve your writing! :)

Session 5


Today I would like you to re-read the final page I have given you this week. It is the moment the children are in the garden with trees and hedges which are dense and dark like a forest. I have added the page below.


I would like you to write a short paragraph describing how the children are feeling at this point and why by using the clues in the text and pictures.


The children may be feeling a range of emotions so you can include more than one emotion. :)