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Week 2 - 8/6

Number and Place Value!



This week we are going to continue with our topic of number and place value! 


Keep smiling! :)

Session 1

Understanding 3-digit numbers


Today's task will be focused on our understanding of 3 digit numbers. 


The sheet below requires you to do the following:

  • Write the 3 digit number in numerals.
  • Write the 3 digit number in words.
  • Understand the quantity through illustration.
  • Understand the value of each digit.


I have included an example below of one of the problems completed and the document below is also attached underneath!


If you use that wonderful knowledge you used in last weeks task you will fly through this task! :)

Session 2

Multiples of 2's 5's and 10's


Today's task will involve you recapping your knowledge of counting in 2's 5's and 10's by completing the multiplication wheels.


To complete these the number you multiply everything by is in the center of the wheel. The numbers you are multiplying are around the edge. I have attached an example below of what the wheels looks like.


If you would like to recap you could practice the times table songs we used on You Tube or have a play on Times Table Rock Stars! :)

Session 3

Multiples of 3's 4's and 8's


Today's task is similar to yesterday's task but this activity will require you to use your knowledge of counting in 3's 4's and 8's.


The sheets are attached below with plenty of multiplication wheels for you to choose from! :) Remember if you would like to re-fresh your memory you could watch the You Tube times table songs we used to sing in class! :)

Session 4

Finding less and more


Session 4 here we are! :) This activity is all about finding 10 more and 10 less and 100 more and 100 less.


There is a sheet attached below with the template and I would start with choosing 2-digit numbers before moving onto 3-digit numbers. It is up to you what numbers you choose! :)


If you would like to challenge yourself you can also explain your answers by using your super explanation skills! I have added an example below which you can use as a model!

Session 5

Completing the 100 square


This is our 5th and final task! :) It requires you to apply the super skills you were using yesterday to complete this task.


Below is a sheet which has different sections taken from a 100 square with some squares blank. Your task is to fill in the missing squares by using your knowledge of 10 and 100 more or less then.


Remember is you jump down a line on a 100 square you are increasing by 10 and is you jump up a line on a 100 square you are decreasing by 10! :)


Don't forget to send me pictures of the wonderful work you do! :)