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Week 2 - 27/4



This week we are going to continue to use our super skills on time! :) You were all so amazing last week with completing the task I know you are going to be just as incredible this week! :)

Recording Time!



Today your task is going to be all about recording time! :)

I would like you to come up with tasks you can complete and then time yourself to see how long it takes you! You could even link this to PE and carry out your very own PE lesson!


If you have a stopwatch that would be perfect to use! If not, you can normally find stopwatches on phones, or you can use a clock or you can get a family member to count the seconds! It is up to you! :)


Below are some ideas for you to carry out and time:

  1. 20 star jumps
  2. Sit down and stand up 30 times
  3. Write your name 5 times
  4. Hop on one leg 10 times
  5. Sing your 8 times table
  6. Count to 100
  7. Write down the alphabet on a piece of paper
  8. 20 sit ups
  9. Touch your head then toes 12 times
  10. 15 straight jumps

These are just some ideas to get you started! You can come up with your own if you like! :)


Once you have timed all your activities you could then record your times in a chart! :)

Challenge your partner!



For today's challenge we are continuing with our timing of activities! Today I would like you to challenge a family member in your house!


Ask them to carry out the exact same activities and you time them to compare you and your partners time. You could even get everyone involved and compare all your times!


Once you have timed your family member can you then compare your times to your partners times. You can use the more than and less than signs and the equals signs.

< > =


You can also then put some of your finding into sentences explaining what you have noticed. :)

How would you time it?



Wow Skylarks! You have been producing some absolutely fantastic work this week! :)

Today's task is all about 'How would you time it?'

Different activities can be timed in different ways... seconds, minutes, hours... even days! I would like you to think about different activities and what would be the most suitable way to time that activity.

Here are some examples below...

  • Walking up the stairs - seconds
  • Eating lunch - minutes
  • Sleeping - hours .... if you timed this in seconds you would have a very large number!


You could use your daily timetable from last week to help you, or you could time how long it takes you to do your daily activities! For example, how long does it take you to...

  • Brush your teeth
  • Eat your breakfast
  • Do your English work
  • Read a book
  • Drink a glass of water


I can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

Problem solving!



Today I would like you to put your problem solving hat on! :)


Below are 4 problems about time that I would like you to solve. Take a look and use your incredible knowledge on time to solve them! :)

Make the link!



Happy Fri-YAY everyone! :)


Here is your final task of the week. Your task is to make the links between your incredible knowledge of time and how that helps your knowledge of fractions... what LINKS are there? :)


I have added some hints below to get you thinking but I am sure you can think of plenty more! I would like you to create a mind map of all the links you can think of!


Here are some example to get that brain thinking...

  • When the minute hand goes HALF way round the clock it represents HALF past.
  • There are 60 minutes in ONE hour and ONE hour represents ONE whole!


Don't forget to share the marvellous work you produce! It makes me so proud! :)