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Weeks: 11th & 18th May



Weeks: 11th & 18th May 2020


Animals and Humans - Growing and Changing


Over these past couple of weeks, the task is all about growing and changing! Look at the slides below and work your way through the tasks to find out more about this topic! 



Once you’ve researched all about growing and changing I’d like you to complete your very own time line of your milestones from birth to now! You can present this any way you’d like to, for example, as a time line, poster, collage or fun fact file all about you.


With your parents, see if you can find pictures of when you were born, a few months, a toddler, a year old and other key milestones after that to where you are now. Write down facts about each of those milestones showing how you have grown!


If we were at school I would’ve asked everyone to bring in a baby picture of themselves and we would’ve played ‘Guess Who?’ So, I thought it would still be nice to do that! Send in a picture of when you were a baby and at some point this week we'll play who's who! I'll reveal who’s who after so you can see if you were right! I’ll even add in mine for all to see…


Please send in your baby pictures to ready to play ‘guess who’ on Friday!

Once you’ve finished your milestones task send that into me too - I’d LOVE to see what you created! Have fun Swifts :)