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Week 1 - 20/4

Writing instructions!


Hey Skylarks! This week is going to be all about writing instructions! :)

Our aim to write and put to use our very own set of instructions for you test out on a family member! I can not wait to see the work you all produce, please email me pictures of it to


Keep smiling :)

Features of instructions!



Our first task of the week is to identify features of instructions! :)

You may find examples of instructions around your house!


  • On the back of some food packets
  • Lego instructions
  • Board game instructions


If you can't find any I have attached some examples below for you to use. :)

I would like you to look at the instructions carefully and find all of the key features that are important and have a think about why they are important. You could present this however you like:

  • Bullet points
  • A mind map
  • Use post it notes

It is up to you! :)

Below I have added an image of the key features of instructions. This will help you when you are labelling your own example:


Imperative Verbs!



Well done on completing yesterdays task! You all did a fantastic job! For today's task you are going to look at one of the main features you need for writing instructions and that is IMPERATIVE VERBS! :)


When you use an imperative verb in a sentence it sounds like you are bossing the reader around! That is why they are also known as bossy verbs. Here are some examples...

  • Put 
  • Stir
  • Shake
  • Place


Your task today is to find the imperative verbs in the instructions below! Once you have found them can you now use some of the verbs to make your own sentences? :)


Keep smiling! :)

Perfect Planning!



For today's task you are going to start planning your own set of instructions! You can choose what your instructions are about but once they are written you are then going to give them to someone to test them out so I would recommend instructions on how to make a sandwich! :)


Remember this is just the planning stage. I have added some bullet points below of things you will need to consider...

  • Your title
  • What ingredients will you need?
  • What other items might they need? Like a knife.
  • What imperative verbs will you use?
  • What descriptive vocabulary could you use?


You can lay out your plan however you like. :)


Keep smiling! :)

Wonderful Writing!



Today's task is all about the WRITING! You are going to write up your instructions using your plan to help you! :)


Think about your layout How are you going to make it stand out? How are you going to make it eye catching? Below are some handy hints to help you...

  • Will your title be in bold?
  • Are you going to have an introduction?
  • How many steps will there be?
  • How descriptive will your questions be?
  • Could you add pictures?
  • What imperative verbs are you going to use?


The layout is up to you but I have added some examples below to get you thinking! :)

Put your recipes to the test!



Now this is the fun part! Can you now put your recipe to the test?

You could use your own recipe to make a tasty treat or could you give it to a family member to see if they can follow your instructions? You could even read it out loud to them to practice your reading skills! :)


If they go wrong or you realise you have missed a step this is all part of the fun and you can pink polish your instructions and try again! :) I found the video below a very funny example of how instructions can go wrong if they aren't detailed enough! Could you create your own video? :)

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