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Week 1 - 1/6

The Green Ship!



Hey Skylarks! Welcome back! :) We will begin this half term by looking at a new book... THE GREEN SHIP! It's full of adventure and imagination and I am sure you are going to love it!

Session 1


I would like you start by focusing on the front cover... look for clues! What do you think this books could be about? 


For your first activity I would like you to create a mind map of what you can see on the front cover. This will help you infer what exciting events might happen inside the book!

Session 2


Now that we have looked at the front cover, I would now like you to look at the back cover where you will find the BLURB! This will tell us a bit more about what the story entails. 


I would like you to read through the blurb and pick out any more clues. What do the clues tell you? Are there any words that interest you or maybe you have never heard of them before, you could look them up!


I would like you to create a list of words or phrases that you find from the blurb that gives you a clue. Next to the word I would like you to tell me what that clue is and what it makes you infer.


For example...

  • Two bold adventurers - This tells me their are two brave children ready to explore.

Session 3


Today is where you put all those clues you have discovered to good use! I would like you to write a prediction of what you think our new class book is all about and what will happen.


Remember to use your clues to back up and justify your inferences. I would like you to write a paragraph telling me what your prediction is! :)


Don't forget about your wonderful writing skills...

  • Capital letters and full stops
  • A range of punctuation
  • Adjectives to describe
  • Conjunctions to extend sentences
  • Apostrophes to contract words 


Have fun! :)

Session 4


You can see on the front cover of our book the 2 children have had fun using their imagination to create a ship out of the trees and bushes in the garden.


If you did this what would your ship look like?


Can you design your own ship... making sure you use only natural items like trees, bushes, plants and flowers. I would like you to draw your ship on a piece of paper... Or create in real life if you are feeling adventurous! 


Once you have done this I would like you to create a mind map around the picture using adjectives to describe the different features of your ship.

For example...

  • Tall towering trees rise up to the sky as masts.
  • Large leaves wave in the wind like billowing sails.


Put your amazing imagination to the test! :)

Session 5


I am sure your ship designs are looking incredible! :)


For this weeks final activity I would like you to write a descriptive paragraph all about the outstanding creation you designed yesterday! Use the adjectives to create a clear image in the readers mind of what your ship looks like.


I have added a checklist below to help you make sure your writing is as fantastic as it could possibly be! 


I can't wait to read them! :)