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Week 1 - 1/6

Place Value



Hey Skylarks! Welcome back to our marvellous Maths page! I hope you are ready to use that wonderful knowledge of yours to complete the activities and challenges for this week.


For our first week back we are jumping back to PLACE VALUE to recap and secure our outstanding knowledge of number!


Keep smiling! :)

Session 1


For our first activity I would like you to practice your partitioning skills.


Remember with 3 digit numbers, each number is in a different place value column... hundreds, tens and ones. For example...



  • 5 is in the ones column so it represents 5.
  • 2 is in the tens column so it represent 20.
  • 4 is in the hundreds column so it represents 200.


Below is a sheet with a variety of different 3 digit numbers. I would like you to partition each of the numbers. The first one has been done for you as an example.

If you would like to challenge yourself you can explain your answer to practice your justification skills.

Session 2


For today task we are going to focus on representing numbers in lots of different ways! :)


We have done this a lot in school so I know you will be super at it! You can even use objects around your house to help you with this. e.g. Lego!


There is an example below to model how I would like you to represent the following numbers in 4 different ways. Use the model to support your learning to create your own representations! :)


I would like you to fill out the same template with the following numbers...

237               621               417

Session 3


Are you ready to challenge yourself? :)


Today is a similar activity to yesterday but with a wider range of different representations!


Use the template below or create your own to represent the following numbers...

114               302               650


If you found yesterday's task challenging and would like to continue practicing with yesterday's template that is is absolutely fine! Use the above numbers and apply it to the previous model! :)


Don't forget to send me all the wonderful work you produce! :)

Session 4


Today's activity is all about filling in the missing boxes! :)


Below is sheet with some answers missing. I would like you to fill in the gaps that are missing from the grid. This is your opportunity to put what you have learnt this week into practice and I am sure you will be AMAZING!


Once you have done this I have also added a challenge question below. It is a statement that is true or false. If you would like to challenge yourself investigate to solve the problems and explain to tell me why you think it is true or false.


Keep smiling! :)

Session 5


I hope you have enjoyed our first week back of learning! :)


Here is your final challenge for the week. It is an investigation! Below are 2 statements which are true or false. I would like you to investigate each one to find out if they are true or false. Once you have discovered the answer I would like you to explain why... you could even add drawings to help your explanation. :)


Keep smiling! :)