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Horrible Histories - Literally: The Viking Song

The Vicious Vikings belt out a soft rock classic from the brand new series.

This topic has a historical theme! The children will base their learning around the Vikings.  They will learn about the Viking invasion and settlement of Britain and look in detail at everyday life during this period. There will also be a visit to Osmington Bay during the PGL trip.




The children will read and write poems based on the Vikings, analysing structure and language choice.  They will read and listen to the saga stories and compare these to other familiar stories. They will use non-fiction texts for research and write their own information texts.



The children will collect, present and interpret data in bar, line, scattergraph and pie charts and they will read and interpret the scales used.   They will develop their understanding of averages and use calculators effectively. The children will use and apply appropriate strategies and apparatus to solve multi-step problems and challenges whilst making sure they check their results and calculations changing units when necessary.


Learning Opportunities

 The children will learn about Viking life in Britain. They will find out about the Viking raids, their settlements and rule. Through computing studies, the children will create an online safety awareness comic strip based on a superhero showing how important it is to stay safe online.  Through art, the children will experiment with using natural dyes to create their own dyed material which will be used to weave small pieces of cloth.  The children will experiment with weaving different materials. 


How can you help?

It would be helpful if you could explore Vikings with your child.  These websites will help.