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Underwater Worlds

Underwater Worlds!

What are we learning about?


 After half-term our topic will be ‘Underwater Worlds’. Within this topic we will be thinking about the creatures that live in the sea and other water sources. We will also be looking at different stories about the sea and sea life such as ‘Rainbow Fish’ and ‘Billy’s Bucket’. We will complete a range of different reading and writing tasks based on the books we read, including story writing.


  • We will continue with phase 4 of the phonics programme ‘Letters and Sounds’ in order to read and understand a variety of sentences.
  • We will move onto phase 5, which involves learning different spellings for the same sound as well as different ways of pronouncing the sounds already known.
  • We will continue with shared reading and guided writing sessions.
  • Key and tricky words in our word pots.



The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish Story


  • Sorting and measuring

  • Recapping previously taught skills

  • Problem solving tasks


Learning Opportunities

As well as developing the children’s English and Maths skills, we will provide a range of other activities, such as:

  • Learning facts about sea creatures to develop understanding of the world.
  • Fun PE opportunities to develop their physical skills, including athletic skills.
  • Creating an aquarium role-play area for the children to act in different roles.
  • Opportunities in the Art area to create pom-pom sea creatures.
  • A visit to Blue Reef Aquarium, Portsmouth.
  • Visits to the Year 1 class and activities with the Year 1 children to prepare them for Year 1.

We are very excited about visiting the Blue Reef Aquarium to learn lots of interesting facts!

How can you help?

  • Ask your child to tell you what they know about sea creatures – can they name them? Describe them? Say where they live and what they eat?
  • Please listen to your child read as often as possible and sign/leave a comment in the purple reading diary.
  • Please continue to help your child to learn to read and write their words in their pot, we will check their spellings each Monday and new words will be sent home when ready. Please encourage your child to write simple sentences e.g. The cat is black. They can extend their sentences with ‘and’ when ready.