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You have two days for this work (Thursday and Friday)


On Wednesday you pretended that you are one of the characters from the story and thought about how you would have felt at different parts of the story.

We are continuing with this today, recording your ideas. 


On the template provided you will find the animal you have chosen to be, and a thought bubble.  This looks like a cloud. 

A thought bubble shows what the character is thinking. 

In the thought bubble you are going to write how your character is feeling at a certain point in the story. 

Is it when your character sees the mouse and thinks ‘I’m hungry. That mouse would be tasty for my lunch!’ or when he sees the Gruffalo and thinks ‘Oh no, I don’t want to be eaten.  I’m terrified of the Gruffalo.’ 

We want you to focus on how the animal would be feeling and what they might be thinking.  If you want to try and write your ideas in the thought bubble, great.  If you would rather have someone else write your ideas, that is absolutely fine as we are not focusing on your writing skills today.