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This week we are continuing to think about the story ‘The Guffalo’ by Julia Donaldson.


You can remind yourself of the story by watching it being read or the animated version below.


The Gruffalo - Read by Alan Mandel


Now we are thinking about the characters (the animals) in the story.  Our main two characters are the mouse and the Gruffalo.  I wonder how they felt at different parts of the story.  Look at these different emotions.

How do you think the mouse felt when he came across Fox at the beginning?  What do you think Fox wanted to do to him?  Do you think Mouse knew this?  How might the mouse have felt when the Gruffalo was walking behind him and the other animals were running away?  Do you think he felt differently at the end of the story, when he was sat eating his nut?


What about the Gruffalo.  What do you think he first thought when he saw the mouse?  And do you think he believed that all the other animals would be scared of the mouse?  How do you think the Gruffalo felt when the other animals started to run away from the mouse?  How did the Gruffalo feel when the mouse told him his favourite food was Gruffalo crumble?