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On Monday, when looking at the story of ‘The Gruffalo’, you were asked to think about the homes of the different animals.  We call the animal homes ‘habitats’.  This is what we are thinking about today.

In the story the fox says ‘Come and have lunch in my underground house.’  Foxes do live underground.  Their habitat is called a den.

The owl in ‘The Gruffalo’ invites the mouse to ‘Come and have tea in my treetop house.’ Different owls live in different places, but many live in trees.

The snake asked the mouse to ‘Come and have a feast in my log pile house.’ Snakes can live in various habitats, depending on the country they live in. They can live in woods, but also the desert in hotter countries. In woods they like to make their homes in dark places where there are small holes they can slither into, just like a pile of logs.

Let’s find out where other woodland animals live.