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Time to Read

It's time to...

Hey Skylarks! smiley


It's time to put our wonderful reading skills to good use now!

Each day I will set you a challenge of finding a different book to read each day. Take a look below to find out what today's challenge is...

Today's Task


Today I would like you to create a RECCOMENDATION of your chosen book for today! heart


Below I have added a template for you to use you to create your reccomendation. You don't have to use the template, If you prefer you can film yourself recommending the book and provide a few clues on what the book is about! Or you could make your own design! 


Once you have completed your reccomendation send it to our class email and I can begin to make a SKYLARKS BOOK CLUB page on our website! This way we can compare what we are reading and look at eachothers reading reccomendations! smiley