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Time Machine

Jump aboard your time machine and travel back in time with us...

What are we learning about?

This term we will be time travelling through the past, looking at toys throughout history.  We will be looking at several periods in history, with a particular focus on the Victorians.


We will be reading “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes looking at the language used during the time it was written and using Reader’s Theatre to perform different sections of the poem.  We will also be reading “Street child” by Berlie Doherty.  This is a story of a young orphaned boy, who runs away from the workhouse during Victorian times. We will be inferring the main character’s thoughts, feelings and motives and justifying our opinions with evidence.  We will be writing a “missing” chapter from the story and a biography of Doctor Barnados, who takes the young boy in.


Our autumn 2 term will begin with looking into fractions and begin to look into solving fraction problems. We will then look at reading and interpreting graph data in order to solve worded questions based on the data presented. We will also be looking at time, and our ability to convert between measures of time. Finally we will be looking at shape, identifying 3D shapes and exploring angles within shape.

Learning opportunities

  • There will be many learning opportunities this half term, as we focus mainly on the Victorian period – looking at artwork and literature from this era.  We will be using William Morris’ work as a stimulus for our very own block printing and looking at what toys were like throughout the ages, in particular – Victorian toys.  In RE, we will be exploring the meaning of submission for Muslims and understanding its’ importance.  Our science this term is “Forces” where we will be learning all about gravity, friction and air resistance and conducting an experiment using parachutes to help us understand more.

How can you help?

You could explore Victorian literature or stories set in this period – visit your local library to see what texts are available or you could even watch the film Oliver!   When you are playing with your moving toys at home – think about how they move, why they move like that and how do they stop moving? (Which forces are being used?) Continue to practice your mental Maths – when you are shopping (add up the shopping bill), when you are cooking (work out cooking times and weight of ingredients) or maybe when driving on a long journey – chant your times tables!

Here is our home learning project.