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Blue Rainbow Challenge- I can sort objects by how they need to be recycled


The Octonauts have sent us some pictures and they need help to make this better.  Take a look at the pictures. What can you see? How do you think this happened? How did the rubbish get there? What can we do to make this better?



Sometimes, rubbish, litter and dangerous liquids, called chemicals, can make their way into our seas and oceans. This can be dangerous and harm our sea creatures.  We call this pollution. What do you think might happen to the sea creatures? Where do you think the rubbish in our oceans comes from? 


The Octonauts want us to think about what could we do to look after our oceans and sea creatures.  One thing we could do is make sure we don’t drop

litter on beaches and recycling.


Sort the objects by how they need to be recycled.


Play the Roll and Read 'ur' dice game below. Each time you roll a number, sound out and read the word.


Have a go at playing these games:-


Have fun!

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