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The Saxons

The Saxons

Horrible Histories Saxon Invasion Invasion Invasion

How did the Saxons arrive?

What are we learning about?

This term we will have a History Focus: Saxons – with a particular emphasis on Local History. 


This term in English, we will be reading the legend of Beowulf and looking at the characters of Grendel and Beowulf.  We will then turn the story into a play and perform it to our friends and family.  We will then look at some of the Legends of King Arthur, find the features of a legend and then write and publish our very own Saxon Legend.  We will then look at information texts about the Saxons and present what we have learnt in a Saxon exhibition to another class.


Equivalent fractions and ordering fractions

Adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions

Read and write decimal numbers

Round decimals to the nearest decimal place and whole number

Recognise percent and write it as a decimal and fraction

Learning opportunities


  • Saxons – who were they and what was life like? 
  • Saxon legacy – with a particular focus on the local area – trip to Winchester
  • Art – sketching of local monuments (Winchester)
  • Who was King Arthur and what stories were told about him?
  • Writing for a purpose – performing Beowulf as a play to our friends and family.
  • Writing for a purpose – creating a Saxon exhibition for our peers

Crime and Punishment Guilty as Charred Tony Robinson

Watch Tony Robinson introduce what the Saxons thought of as justice. Do you agree?

How can you help?

Can you find out:

Which local place names come from the Saxon times?

Where did the Saxons originally come from?

Which surnames originate from Saxon times? Do you know anyone with those names?

Do you know any Saxon legends?