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Interactive Bar



What are we learning about?

This term Year 5 will become ‘Superheroes’ to consider how we as humans can be ‘super’ both physically through our swimming sessions and also encouraging healthy nutrition choices. We will design and make our own ‘Superhero’ cereal bar for which we will produce an advert.


Graphic novels – ‘Traction Man is here’ and its sequel ‘Traction Man meets Turbo Dog’ by Mini Grey.

Producing our own graphic novel story.

Produce an advert for a superhero toy.

Writing the script for and producing an advert for our cereal bars using Power Point and a cross curricular link to the Purple Mash animation software.


Place value – negative numbers.

Multiplication and Division:

- mental methods (using factors, primes, multiples and square numbers.

- written methods (formal and informal)

Finding the average!

Using nets to design packaging for our 'Superhero' cereal bar.

Learning opportunities

  • Designing, creating and testing our superhero nutrition bar.
  • Writing a script for an advertisement for the bar.
  • Performing our script in costumes.
  • Creating an animation for our product.
  • Designing and making the packaging for our bar.
  • PE – Swimming.

How can you help? Can you find out:

When superhero books became popular?

About the genre of graphic novels?

Healthy nutrition – what is actually good for humans?

What were Year 5 like as a babies and toddlers?

Homework – can the children look after their egg for a week?