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Summer Term 1


Foundation Subjects


As well as focusing on the core subject areas we will continue to look at key foundation subjects. The focus will be on the skills part of the subject. Here's what we will be focusing on this half term...



Children will focus on:

  • The work of Cezanne.
  • Sketching a range of fruits using shading and tones.



Children will focus on:

  • Using cooking techniques to prepare food safely when creating their very own 'Fruity Kebab.' 



Children will focus on:

  • Naming and locating the continents and oceans.
  • Local knowledge of the UK.
  • Locating fruit from around the work and researching the different countries.



Children will focus on:

  • Understanding why animals and humans have offspring. 
  • Describing the basic needs of animals and humans.
  • The importance of eating healthy and keeping fit.
  • Working scientifically.



Children will focus on:

  • Jesus and the concept of persuasion. 



Children will focus on:

  • Multi games, balance and co-ordination.



Children will focus on:

  • Health and wellbeing - the importance of keeping healthy.



Children will focus on:

  • Using technology safely and keeping information private when using online platforms like Purple Mash and Bugclub.