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Summer 1 2021

Throughout the first part of the coming Summer term we will be focussing on the key skills highlighted below. Starting with what the children already know we will be ensuring they have a solid foundation to build on for the remainder of this term and in preparation for the coming year.



The key objectives that we will look at for reading, focus on application of phonics and improving children’s fluency.

Word level reading:

  • I can use letter sounds to work out and read new words.

For example: using my phonics to sound out words that are new to me and blend them together.




                Words that I know are read confidently and fluently without the need to sound out.                

  • I can read some common exception words.
  • I can spot if a word has been read wrongly by following the sense of the text.

For example: re-reading a word that I know doesn’t sound right.


As well as this, we will continue to work on children’s comprehension skills. Making sure that they understand what they are reading and are able to discuss this with an adult or peer.

  • I can ask and answer questions in discussion with the teacher and make simple inferences.

For example: Once a class text has been read, children will be given time to discuss what has happened and why. When children are reading their Bugclub books they are encouraged to read a couple of pages and answer questions on what they have read. It is important to do to the same when children are reading books at home too.

  • I can enjoy and understand poems that I can’t yet read myself by hearing them and talking about them with others.


  • We log children onto Bugclub in school as this helps to build on both fluency and comprehension skills at an appropriate level for the child. Logging on at home will help develop these skills further. Bugclub bookmarks have been sent home with details – please ask if you need these to be sent out again.




The key objectives that we will look at for writing, focus on application of phonics, spelling and basic grammar skills.


  • I can spell words by picking out the sounds.

For example: using the phoneme frame strategy to separate the sounds and sound buttons

  • I can spell some common exception words.

As well as this, we will continue to work on children’s grammar skills. Making sure they understand the basics and can consistently apply these skills to their writing across the curriculum.

  • I can use capital letters and full stops.

For example: creating sentences with a capital letter (CL) and a full stop (.) As well as sentences with a question mark (?). Ensuring that these are used correctly.


Handwriting will continue to be a key focus this half term too. It is important that children understand how to form their letters and number correctly.

  • I can write lowercase letters in the correct direction, starting and finishing in the right place.
  • I can see which letters belong to which handwriting ‘families’.


  • Handwriting and spellings will also be a key focus for children, please ensure that they complete their handwriting/spelling tasks set in their homework books this term. Pride will continue to be a focus in class.




The key objectives that we will look at for Maths, focus on Multiplication and Division.

  • I can count in jumps of 2, 5 and 10.
  • I can count in twos, fives and tens to solve problems.
  • I can answer multiplication questions using objects, pictures and other equipment.
  • I can answer division questions using objects, pictures and other equipment.



We will then move onto Geometry (properties of shape and position and direction)

  • I can recognise and name 2D shapes such as rectangles, squares, circles and triangles.
  • I can recognise and name common 3D shapes such as cuboids, cubes, pyramids and spheres.



Foundation Subjects

Below is an outline of the main areas we will be covering across the foundation subjects.


  • Science: Children will be focusing on ‘plants and looking at the structures and features of them. We will also be growing our own vegetable garden and looking at how to care for seeds.
  • Art: Children will be experimenting with different materials and learning what natural objects we can use for mark-making. 
  • PSHE: Children will look at physical, mental health and wellbeing. There will be a key focus on the importance of staying healthy.
  • R.E: Children will focus on the concept of ‘special’. We will be looking into the concept of clothing being special and why people hold these views.
  • P.E: Children will be developing their skills in throwing, catching, balance and running. We will play a range of games using equipment to help.



As always, thank you for your amazing support. Everything that you have done and are doing with your child has already made such a difference. The Robins team truly appreciate it! heart