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The topic of ‘Spy Kids’ is based around the novel ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz. The children will use the book to create their own stories, spies and gadgets based on a spy theme. For their homework project they will make Spy Kits to share with younger children.  


The children will read ‘Stormbreaker’ and will learn about the features of an adventure story. They will also create their own spy and write a character description. They will create a mission for their character and will write their own story! They will write explanations and instructions for a new spy gadget they have designed and evaluate the effectiveness of it.  They will write their own biography of Alex Rider and will write their own newspaper accounts.


The children will revise many key skills and concepts in preparation for SATS, including fractions, decimals and percentages and probability. They will continue to practice using all 4 operations and applying this in problem solving situations. They will learn about ratio and proportion and how to construct and interpret line graphs and pie charts.

Learning opportunities:


Through ICT, the children will use spreadsheets to plan and budget for an event.They will look at how to use create a simple spreadsheet based on pocket money to show how ‘cells’ and ‘formulas’ work.  In music, the children will have the opportunity to send a message, as a short rhythmic code, to be played as an ostinato over the top of another piece of music.

In science, the children will be investigating electricity. They will learn how to build circuits, represent them using diagrams and will explore changing components.

How can you help?

We will be spending a large proportion of time preparing for the SAT’s.  It would be helpful if you could make sure your child always completes their homework.  They will have Math and Spelling and Grammar homework to complete weekly. 

There are websites that can help with revision at home, these include:


Alex Rider is a normal teenager who lives with his uncle, a nondescript bank manager... or so it seems until his uncle-Ian Rider disappears under mysterious circumstances. Alex soon learns that his uncle was a spy for Britain's secret intelligence service MI6, and he is recruited to take on a dangerous mission for the British secret service to infiltrate the organization of a sinister billionaire.