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Spring Topic

Frozen Kingdoms 

This project teaches children about the characteristics and features of polar regions, including the North and South Poles, and includes a detailed exploration of the environmental factors that shape and influence them.

Reading and Writing


This term we will be looking at Katherine Rundell's 'Wolf Wilder' text. 



In Maths we will be looking at:

  • Long multiplication and division 
  • Fractions - Identifying / comparing / improper / mixed 
  • Percentages 
  • 2D and 3D shape



Children will use the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them. As well as this they we be able to explain how we see and what the different parts of the eye are. 

Additional Learning Opportunities


As well as focusing on the core subject areas we will be looking at key foundation subjects. The focus will be on the skills which link to our topic. Here's what we will be focusing on...



Using the Earth diagram and use this to introduce or recap on the location of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and key lines of latitude and longitude, such as the equator and Prime Meridian.



Inuit - This project teaches children about the Inuit way of life, including some of their cultural and artistic traditions.



This project teaches children about remarkable engineers and significant bridges, learning to identify features, such as beams, arches and trusses. They complete a bridge-building engineering challenge to create a bridge prototype.



This term children will be planning their own frozen kingdom trip using spreadsheets and a strict budget. They will also be creating their own surveys which will be distributed to eachother and looked at as a class. Findings will be presented in charts and Graphs on the computers. 





This term we will be exploring OAA.  This OAA unit focuses on problem-solving activities and challenges. Throughout the unit, children will be required to work as part of a team, to solve a range of different problems that focus on collaboration and effective communication, testing their levels of perseverance as well as leadership skills.


We will also be looking at football skills during PE sessions. We will learn how to strike a ball and how to stop it effectively. We will be looking at ball control for both passing and dribbling. All the skills learnt will then be used in small sided football matches. 




The key concepts this term will be:


  • The oneness of Allah
  • Ressurection and the Easter story. 


Children will understand the importance of Prophet Muhammad to Muslims and be able to respond to modern day equivalents of idols.


As a year group we will be exploring the question 'why is ressurection important to Christians?'





Year 6 will be looking at how to recognise stereotypes in different contexts and the influence they have on attitudes and understanding of different groups.


They also will be looking at; 

Living in the Wider World:

  • Belonging to a community
  • Media literacy & digital resilience
  • Money & work


How you can help at home?


Children should be reading a minimum of three days a week with a signed reading log. Reading at home will help enhance children’s reading skills as well as their writing.  


English Homework will be handed out out on a Tuesday and will need to be returned on the following Tuesday to be marked. Maths Homework will be handed out out on a Friday and will need to be returned on the following Friday to be marked.


It will be linked to what your child has been learning about in school that week so discussing their home learning with them would be a great way to help with their speaking and listening skills too!  


Thank you for your support, any questions please ask! :)